Utilizing rich, fully developed storylines, we create market-driven film and video productions and high-end game content, pushing technology and applying innovative production solutions to create immersive experiences.

Eugene Patrick Lynch

"EPL Productions has been a vital asset for content creation in support of our Lockheed Martin Company gameware development efforts.”“EPL sees Sega’s vision through cinematic eyes, which will take the interactive experience to a new level.”


Yu Suzuki, Sega AM#2

Our Vision

Gene isthe CEO and founder of EPL. His background consists of more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment and computer graphics industries, including scripting, pre-production, production, post-production, software development, real time 3D graphics and arcade game development, directing, producing, and sound design. Gene has managed over 60 one-of-a-kind film, video and special application productions as well as full content development for each project.

What Others Say About Us

27th Annual Telly Awards

Honored with winning nine Telly Awards in the 27th annual Telly Awards competition for their original production of "Stellar Quest of the Forbidden" . This outstanding achievement recognizes the commitment to excellence and the vibrant creative talents of Gene
Lynch and the
staff at EPL
​Productions Inc.

Our History

Specializing in 3D Stereo, CG special effects and pioneering 4K content for the video, movie, television, gaming, and simulation industries. 

EPL was incorporated in 1987 and grew to serve a wide range of entertainment, private industry, and government clients. 
30 Years of successful film and full scale video production expertise. 
Interactive 3D graphics and simulation content development. 
Sega video game development. 
Sega arcade games and R&D. 
Simulation and Training applications. 
House and Construction Pre-Visualization