Full Scale Film & Video Productions

Creative Preproduction support and development
Set design and construction
Directing and Producing services
Production and post-production facilitasion

4K, 2K, 3D, Video support
Digital and Physical Special effects

Creative Support

Script writing

Original artwork
Original design & concepts

Character development
3D CGI modeling and presentation animations
Sculpting and marquette

Advanced Computer Graphics & Animation

3D modeling and computer animation
Character animation
Motion capture
3D scanning & content development
3D animation render support (Render Farm)

Interactive Content development

Video game development
Multiple game platform emulation and game engine support
VIVE, Oculus,  VR development


Simulation Training Databases
     Geographic-specific 3D databases
     Simulators and motion platforms 
Artificial Intelligence Software
Content Support
     Director/Producer support
     3D Model development
     Terrain generation
     Special effects and animation
     Texture maps and artwork
     Tool Development

Architectural and Production Previsualization

Custom Home, Sets and Scenic Development 
     CAD file (blueprint) specific 3D accurate databases
     Architectural and structural design
Content Support
     Interior and exterior design
     3D Model development
     Accurate interior / exterior lightingô€‚†Materials and Texture maps
     Terrain generation
Computer Animation Support
     HD Video walk-through
     Digital images and prints