EPL Productions’ principal business activities include creative entertainment design, video creation and editing, special effects, film production, 3D CGI generation, and various other media programs.  The company’s key creative activities include stereoscopic 3D CGI video and film, audio/visual effects, digital effects, video games, pre-show presentations, and online content.  EPL provides post production visual effects services, and various techniques such as model making, computer-generated imagery, matte painting, and digital animation principally to motion pictures, trailers, commercials, videos, simulators and simulations, and other special-venue projects.  EPL Productions provides an electronic media based portal that offers services related to education and reference, entertainment, and online retailing to the company’s business and intellectual properties.  This includes news, interactive services, online video streaming, and other media

About EPL

EPL feels; people are best characterized by the friends they keep, and companies by the clients they serve.